Corn Cob Grits

Rowan Agro Nature's cob products are derived from corncobs grown in the northern districts of Karnataka's major corn-growing areas. Our products are 100% environmental-friendly, are all natural, virtually dust-free and are non-toxic, thus do not require any special pre-disposal treatments

Rowan Agro Nature's corncob products are defined by the size of the particles and the parts of the cob from which they are made.
Cob grits are granular in nature and shades of brown/tan in color.

  • Virtually odorless
  • Heat dried, milled, air cleaned and mechanically sifted for optimal sieve-sizing
  • No additives, chemicals or solvents used in the production process
  • All products are produced in facilities dedicated for the purpose.
  • Shelf-life is indefinite, as long as the material is stored dry - corncob will not absorb ambient humidity
  • Corncob is solely a fibrous, cellulosic product, with no nutritional components such as protein or carbohydrates
Products Types :

We have 8 types of corn cob grit products for Laboratory Animal industry as bedding for mice, rats and other animals in the name of 1 in the size :