Rowan Agro Nature provides a clean, safe and well-lit working environment. The top management manages the work environment needed to achieve conformity to product requirements. Specific environmental requirements for products are determined during quality planning and are documented in subordinate procedures, work instructions, or job documentation.
Rowan Agro Nature ensures that following requirement of standard are met.


  • Measures andmonitors the characteristic of Product to verify that requirements for the Product are met. This activity is carried out at appropriate stages of the Product delivery process.
  • Evidence of conformity with customer commitments in Product delivery is recorded and the supervisor maintains suitable records.

Rowan Agro Nature uses the management system to improve its processes and products. Such improvements aim to address the needs and expectations of customers as well as other interested parties, to the extent possible.
Improvement shall be driven by an analysis of data related to:
The results of analysis shall be used to evaluate:

  • Conformity of Product;
  • The degree of customer satisfaction;
  • The performance and effectiveness of the management system;
  • The effectiveness of planning;
  • The effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities;
  • The performance of external providers;
  • Other improvements to the management system.

Rowan Agronature is fully equipped for all primary and secondary operations such as

  • Pre Cleaning
  • Destoning cum Grading and Segregation
  • De-husking and De Holling
  • Polishing and Final Cleaning
  • Polarising
  • Packing