Rowan Agronature incorporated in the year 2015 is a company floated by a group of technocrats and professionals with extensive knowledge of Agricultural Business. Driven by a strong passion in organic farming and thus improving the quality of soil through the earth’s natural growth principles, Agrinature practices what it preaches. Over 100 acres of agricultural land has been set aside in Bijapur for organic farming. Extensive field based research and thorough understanding of diverse climatic conditions have helped us formulate a range of cost effective solutions for organic farming and bio-remediation.

Agronature services include :

Marketing and distribution of eco-friendly Agriculture inputs and providing quality Bioprotectants such as

  • Marketing and distribution of Herbal products in wellness segments.
  • Manufacture of Corncob - Lab animals/ Cat/dog/ companion animal bedding materials.
  • Growing and procurement of best quality organically grown- vegetables, fruits like- Grape/ Pomegranates/ sweet lime Marketing and distribution Agricultural implements for small and micro agricultural farmers Procuring and supply of Fresh vegetables/ cur vegetables in bulk packing under cold.
  • Procuring, grading, branding and marketing of agricultural, horticultural, commodities, fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Tea, Coffee and livestock and poultry products, and also develop products and value added products and produces. Engaging in regular agricultural farming, Organic farming, livestock farming, horticultural farming.
  • Production and distribution and marketing of Natural, Ayurveda, homeopathic and Neem, neem based products, Bio pesticides, fungicides, agrochemicals, Fertilizers, growth promoters, plant protectants, Green Manures,organic manures, , Wormi compost, Micro compost, Dry composting and Agro based activities, Livestock and Poultry farming.
  • Project Management and Turnkey Consulting in Farming, Organic farming, Livestock, Poultry , sustainable farming, rural development, skill development and activities and projects in the related filed etc.
  • Marketing and distribution of Herbal based products in Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock, and Poultry and Wellness segments. Marketing and distribution of Agricultural implements, equipment’s, accessories.
  • To undertake Research and Development projects in the area of Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock, Poultry, Humans to produce innovative techniques, diagnostic kits, testing kits, alone or with individuals, NGO, firms, educational and research institutions and companies, organization involved in such and related activities.
  • To engage in Contract farming in the area of Agriculture, horticulture, livestock, poultry and allied sectors.

Rowan Agro Nature’s  promoters have vast experience of 20 years working in Agricultural related business activities in India and South east Asia. They had handled green field project to initiate and set up  the business in Godrej group of companies. During that tenure they had extensively travelled and developed agro products and markets in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. Being working in corporate for several years, they had acquired sufficient skills and knowledge of raw material procurement, product development, building organization culture, team development, quality control measure, ERP systems and sales and marketing of products and services.

During their previous work experience they have undergone training programs prestigious Institutes like viz.,  Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad(IIMA), Agricultural Institutes like, ICRISAT, Hyderabad & National Institute of Millet Research, Hyderabad