Corn Cob Powder

Corn cob grit tumbling media is an environmentally safe, smooth flowing abrasive made from the hard woody ring of the cob. Corn cob tumbling grit is used as both a tumbling and vibratory media to absorb dirt and oils and to dry parts, without affecting the surface of the parts. Corn cob tumbling grit also serves as a burnishing grit to burnish soft metals such as bronze and brass in tumbling operations.

Advantages of Corn Cob Tumbling Grit Abrasive :

  • Long-lasting; highly resistant to breakdown; reusable in barrel and vibratory tumblers
  • Biodegradable; can be incinerated
  • Organic and natural
  • No health or environmental hazards
  • Clean - virtually dust-free
  • Effective polishing on metals and plastics
  • Highly absorbent of both water and oils
  • Reduces cost of finishing operations
  • Preserves micro-finishes
  • Size of corn grit needed is generally determined by the weight and character of the parts to be processed. Consider the size of perforations or holes through which the corn cob tumbling grit abrasive must pass when screen separating parts from media after use.